Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SSL - How to decide if a web page is secure?

Whenever we talk about internet security, we use the word SSL. I found a very good description of SSL in a book but wanted to have something online. So while searching, I found a very nice and interesting article related to internet security and SSL. So just click the link below and feel more secure :)

I will edit the same post whenever getting something interesting and easy to learn about SSL .....


Vivek Athalye said...

umm... its somewhat primitive level description.

if u (readers) have the appetite to read some technical article, check this link: http://cryptocrats.com/2009/01/05/md5-the-hash-algorithm-is-now-broken/
mind you, its NOT similar to the article on ssl.com site. in fact its a bit opposite of that.

btw, 3bhu1, 1 request.. instead of updating the post, plz add ur updates in the comments section... so that ppl like me will get to know abt it... if u update the post, i won't get notified. then u'll have to drop me a mail each time u update the post :)

Tonnet said...

Thanks Vivek. That article is an eye opener.. I am trying to find out more articles which can help to understand the what, why, when and how of SSL which are easy to understand. Lets unlock SSL but not like a hacker :)